About Bengal Cats

Bengal Origins

The Bengal cat is an amazing breed created in 1963 by Jean Mill who crossed an Asian Leopard Cat to a Domestic cat (ALC) and then backcrossed offspring 5 generations to create a domestic Bengal.

Jean was an America cat breeder and conservationist, she worked to protect the Asian Leopard Cat.
Good Bengal breeding programmes are continuing Jean’s work by creating good quality well socialised and domesticated pets with all the looks of a wild cat.

Bengal Cat Behaviour

If a Bengal cat was to choose their family’s they would opt for an interesting person with a variety of daily activities but also someone that could provide structure and daily routine.

It is essential you do your research before taking on a Bengal they have a higher amount of energy and retain their playful kitten like behaviour into adulthood, they are very curious and intelligent and their intelligence makes them good candidates for training and showing.

Bengals are generally pretty fun and amusing characters they will vocalise alot and will build affectionate companionship with their family’s.

Bengals are a sociable breed and often take to other domesticated pets as companions and so if you are a person that is out alot we would recommend two.

Baybengalz have successfully worked with plenty multi household introductions with great success.

Bengal Cat appearance

Bengal cats are often mistaken for wild cats or miniature leopards. Bengals come in various colours and patterns (please check our galleries to see examples) they are either Brown, Silver, Snow or Blue, they can be many variations of the above and Solid/Charcoal Agouti genetics can play a part in the significant look of the bengal cat.

As a breed they should be quite long and lean with athletic muscular bodies baring Asian Leopard Cat traits such as round nocturnal eyes, straight profiles,good whisker pads, thick tails and small ears.

These are all qualities good breeders work to encorporate into their breeding programme amongst other traits and qualities.
A Bengal cats markings can vary from spotted, rosetted, clouded,marble and even sparbled (please see our galleries for examples) patterns can vary in different sizings but the aim is to produce highly contrasted markings that stand out from the background colour.

The Bengal cats markings are not the only luxurious appeal, they have a silky soft pelt (not fur like other cat breeds) giving them a gorgeously soft feel that is also supposedly hypoallergenic, we do find this can vary so please ask about testing to prove an allergy.
The pelt of a Bengal cat can also be dripping in glitter which is actually translucent shafts, this glitter truly gives them a gorgeous majestic look.

It’s not hard to see why the Bengal cat is so highly desired and special.

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