About Us

Baybengalz are a family based registered breed programme in South Devon. We work towards breed progression and are passionate about what we do. We strive to breed gorgeous health tested bengals with breedworthy traits that are affectionate and well tempered characters.

Why do we breed

We stumbled across the bengal breed in 2017 whilst visiting a family member and were instantly enthralled by their new bengal kitten. Not only was it a cat like I’d never met before (I was instantly reminded of a dog crossed with a cat in terms of behaviour as the kitten affectionately played fetch with us) but my son who up to now had shown signs of allergies with normal fur had no symptoms whatsoever and so my search for a bengal kitten of our own began.

I soon found what I thought was a good breeder and booked in a visit to see their current kittens (I’d done some basic research at this point) we visited and when I started to ask questions about health testing, pedigrees,breed traits and temperaments I was unfortunately shown all the red flags of a backyard breeder. I walked away saddened that I hadn’t found what I was looking for but mainly sad for the breed (the breeder in question no longer breeds)

I began to research and the more I researched the more I learnt and the more I learnt the more I wanted to do my own work for the breed but with all the right ethics, respect and knowledge I could give.

I eventually found good reputable breeders and acquired our first breeding pair in 2018, Baybengalz was created and we have not looked back since, we’ve made great progress continuously looking forward to the future shows and events in order to achieve our hopes and dreams.

Tica Certified Cat Breeder

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