Elias X Rumpleteaser ♡ 4 Male, 2 Female

Elias X Rumpleteaser ♡ 4 Male, 2 Female

There are 6 babies in this litter all very unique and different. We are seeing promising rosetting with great contrast and type.

🩵 Boy 1 (Silver)~ A very clear Silver Boy with inky black rosetting starting to take shape ~ RESERVED

💜 Girl 1 (Silver) ~ A super contrasted Silver girl with fantastic flow and pattern ~ RESERVED 

🩵 Boy 2 ~ (Silver) this boy has nice open rosetting quite early on he is an interesting watch on development ~ RESERVED 

🩵 Boy 3 (Brown) ~ This boy has bold dark markings amongst a well contrasted base coat he will be a lively classic Brown ~ RESERVED 

🩵 Boy 4 (Seal Mink) ~ This Boy has lovely open rosetting already and has a really rich depth to his colour~ RESERVED 

💜 Girl 2 (Brown) ~ Beautifully contrasted brown Rosetted girl with nice early open rosetting~ RESERVED 


Sire: Bengalheritage Elias
Dam: Wessexbengals Rumpleteaser Of Baybengalz
Date Of Birth: Wed 10th January 2024
Available: Wed 17th April 2024

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Elias X Rumpleteaser ♡ 4 Male, 2 Female

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